Saint-Petersburg Section of CID UNESCO pursues its action relating to the key themes in UNESCO’s major programmes – contributing to a global cultural platform, democratization, promoting patience and tolerance, building positive world perception, preserving cultural diversity and national heritage.



      Saint-Petersburg Section of CID UNESCO is open to intercultural cooperation and aimed to support members of the international family of CID UNESCO in the fulfillment of the major CID tasks, like:

  • protecting the heritage of dance throughout the world
  • recording and classifying intangible cultural heritage (in forms of rituals, folk, dancing and choreography)
  • encourage the creation of information centres including a library, film library, record library, television film archives and all other forms of documentation related to dance;
  • organizing research projects on dance phenomenon
  • facilitate the creation and diffusion of choreographic works
  • promote creating educational programs on dance and their inclusion in general education
  • attracting partners for financial support of researchers, performers, choreographers
  • forming an expert panel for committee work on preserving intangible cultural heritage

       The section provides outreach activities within the courses of improvement of qualification, creates and implements academic programs; carries out international certification of dance studies; does scientific research on intangible cultural heritage; organizes international and all-russian festivals, competitions, forums, conferences, congresses under the auspices of CID UNESCO.