Impulse Dance Studio


     The group was established in October 2005. Today it is one of the most brilliant and talented creative collectives in St-Petersburg, the unique one, being famous both in Russia and abroad. The repertoire of the collective comprises 160 performances. Choreographic sketches, miniatures, Russian and world folk dances, stylized modern pop dances constitute the basis of the repertoire.
Today the studio represents a mobile collective, being able to perform on any stage. Vivid theatrical expression, high performing culture, variety of dancing forms and kinds of dances allows us to call the studio the Theatre of Folk Dance.
     All choreographic compositions are in fact little stage plays, making the audience ecstatic. The collective follows the best traditions of Russian choreography, dancing the works of the greatest masters of choreography such as L. Jacobson, M. Godenko, etc. All of them are included in the collective’s concert programs, and the mystery of the collective is that the works created by the great masters many years ago are still as modern as the dances of today.
     The studio, having highly successfully toured more than 25 countries and many cities and regions of Russia and neighboring states, continues to enrich its repertoire, annually presenting a new program. Seeing this outstanding collective once, you are sure to feel like meeting them again.
12-times international competitions Grand Prix winner, Golden Constellation of Europe award winner, Impulse Dance Studio, Saint-Petersburg



Yana Dynko

(Art Director and Chief Choreographer)